Volaris Renews Volaris.com Website and Upgrades to a More Innovative Online Booking Solution Strengthening the “You Decide” (or “Tú Decides”) Model

October 21, 2013

Mexico City,
October 21, 2013 – Volaris (NYSE: VLRS and BMV: VOLAR), the airline featuring the most attractive fares and promotions in Mexico, announced today a successful upgrade in their reservations system to Navitaire solutions, seeking to provide customers the best fares and a greater range of products and services. In addition to the technological upgrade, Volaris also introduced a new version of their website, www.volaris.com which enables customers to continue having outstanding travel experiences, right from their first click. 

The new integrated system provides a modern platform for growth over the coming years. During the process, customers will experience faster and friendlier flight reservations, both online at www.volaris.com and through the Call Center. At the airport, check in processes will also be expedited. 

In addition to featuring a brand new image, the website has also become more user friendly, with clear sections and menu options that take customers easily, efficiently, and securely through the travel booking process. 

Easier navigation is just one of the improvements to the Volaris website. The airline also provides customers the possibility of traveling under the “You Decide” (or ”Tú Decides”) approach, whereby they can select exclusively those products and services they need for their travel, customizing every trip to their needs, and saving significantly, as compared to fees and charges set at the airport or through other sales channels. All of the above now supported by an agile and secure reservations system. 

Another advantage is that the lowest fares are always reflected on the website calendar, as well as any discounts and benefits included in VClub membership, which offers fares as low as $499 pesos on domestic travel and $99 dollars on international travel, taxes included. The shopping cart is always visible, with a breakdown of the services per passenger. Forms of payment are easier, with even more options to select from. 

About Volaris 

Volaris (NYSE: VLRS and BMV: VOLAR) is an ultra-low-cost airline based in Mexico. With a highly efficient business model based on providing ultra low cost travel and highly efficient operations to offer competitive pricing and drive demand, Volaris aims to provide outstanding levels of high quality services. Volaris targets travelers who seek competitive prices and who travel for leisure or business purposes, or to visit family and friends in Mexico and specific US destinations. The carrier’s pricing strategy, based on providing a complete offering of ancillary services, enables Volaris to offer ultra low fares and travelers to choose and specifically pay for a wide range of optional services. Volaris’ mission is to provide passengers with the highest standards of quality customer service at an affordable price. 

Since beginning of their operations in March 2006, Volaris has increased its routes from an initial 5 to a current 88 and its fleet from 4 to 44 aircraft. Volaris currently offers more than 200 daily flight segments on routes connecting 33 cities in Mexico and 11 cities in the United States with Mexico’s most modern airplane fleet. Among other recognitions, Volaris has received the prestigious ESR Award for Social Corporate Responsibility for three consecutive years. For more information, please visit: