Volaris Reports July 2016 Traffic Results, Strong Passenger Demand Drives Record 92% Load Factor

August 3, 2016

Mexico City, Mexico. August 3, 2016 – Volaris* (NYSE: VLRS and BMV: VOLAR), the ultra-low-cost airline serving Mexico, the United States and Central America, reports July 2016 and year-to-date preliminary traffic results.

During July 2016 Volaris increased total capacity, as measured in Available Seat Miles (ASMs), by 7.8% year over year, in response to strong demand in its domestic and international markets. Total demand, as measured in Revenue Passenger Miles (RPMs), in July increased 13.8% year over year, reaching 1.4 billion, validating the strong demand environment and traffic stimulation the Company has been observing in its markets. Volaris transported a total of 1.4 million passengers during the month, an increase of 13.6% year over year. Year-to-date, Volaris has transported over 8.5 million passengers, an increase of 27.8% year over year.

In July 2016, Volaris increased domestic and international ASMs by 5.9% and 11.6%, respectively. Network load factor for July reached 92.4%, an increase of 5.0 percentage points year over year.

During July 2016, Volaris launched three year-round international routes (Durango-Los Angeles, Guadalajara-Seattle and Guadalajara-San Francisco). 

The following table summarizes Volaris traffic results for the month and year-to-date.

Variance Seven
ended July
ended July
RPMs (in millions, scheduled & charter)
Domestic 954 851 12.0% 5,692 4,514 26.1%
International 457 389 17.7% 2,453 1,925 27.5%
Total 1,411 1,240 13.8% 8,145 6,439 26.5%
ASMs (in millions, scheduled & charter)
Domestic 1,023 966 5.9% 6,572 5,455 20.5%
International 504 451 11.6% 2,827 2,337 20.9%
Total 1,527 1,417 7.8% 9,399 7,792 20.6%
Load Factor (in %, scheduled)
Domestic 93.2% 88.2% 5.0 pp 86.6% 82.8% 3.8 pp
International 90.7% 85.9% 4.8 pp 86.8% 82.2% 4.6 pp
Total 92.4% 87.4% 5.0 pp 86.7% 82.6% 4.1 pp
Passengers (in thousands, scheduled & charter)
Domestic 1,127 1,001 12.5% 6,811 5,346 27.4%
International 317 270 17.7% 1,704 1,317 29.4%
Total 1,444 1,271 13.6% 8,515 6,663 27.8%


The information included in this report has not been audited and it does not provide information on the company’s future performance. Volaris’ future performance depends on many factors and it cannot be inferred that any period’s performance or its comparison year over year will be an indicator of a similar performance in the future.

About Volaris:

*(“Volaris” or the “Company”) (NYSE: VLRS and BMV: VOLAR), is an ultra-low-cost carrier (ULCC), with point-to-point operations, serving Mexico, the United States and Central America. Volaris offers low base fares to build its market, providing quality service and extensive customer choice. Since beginning operations in March 2006, Volaris has increased its routes from five to more than 155 and its fleet from four to 64 aircraft. Volaris offers more than 298 daily flight segments on routes that connect 40 cities in Mexico and 25 cities in the United States and Central America with the youngest aircraft fleet in Mexico. Volaris targets passengers who are visiting friends and relatives, cost-conscious business people and leisure travelers in Mexico and to select destinations in the United States and Central America. Volaris has received the ESR Award for Social Corporate Responsibility for five consecutive years. For more information, please visit: www.volaris.com

Volaris filed its annual report under the Form 20-F for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2015 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) on April 29, 2016. A copy of the report can be accessed by visiting the SEC’s website at www.sec.gov and is also available at the website www.ir.volaris.com. Shareholders may request a hard copy of the audited financial statements included in such report free of charge by contacting Volaris Invertors Relations at the email address specified below.

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Andrés Pliego & Diana Martínez/ Investor Relations / ir@volaris.com / +52 55 5261 6444

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