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Ownership breakdown


Shares %
Funds Managed by Indigo Partners  212,575,660 18.2%
<5% Shareholders  953,401,017 81.8%
Total 1,165,976,677 100.0%

(1) Each ADS represents ten CPOs and each CPO represents a financial interest in one Series A share. Non-Mexican investors in the ADSs may not directly hold the underlying Series A shares, but may hold them only indirectly through CPOs issued and released by a Mexican bank as trustee under the CPO trust or ADSs evidencing CPOs.

(2) Volaris does not have a control group.

Source: 13F and Bloomberg.

Note: As of March 2024.

Attendance and the exercise of voting rights are subject to compliance with the change of control provisions set forth in Clause Eight of the Company´s by-laws. Note that pursuant to such provision, a position that results in a number equal or greater than 5%  of Volaris’ total outstanding shares requires the prior written authorization of the Board of Directors.