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Why invest in Volaris?

Our business model

We are one of the airlines with the lowest unit costs in the world, allowing us to offer some of the lowest fares in the market and consolidate ourselves as the leading airline in the country in terms of the number of transported passengers.


Volaris’ virtuous cycle for growth

We are focused on expanding our network by increasing our fleet and the number of point-to-point routes.
Volaris is one of the lowest-cost operators worldwide.
We offer a wide range of ancillary products. This way our customers can pay only for what they need. Track record of successfully increasing non-ticket revenues that complements the ticket revenues.
We are committed to offering the lowest base fares to our customers, essential to stimulate the market, as well as to maintain high load factors.
By offering low fares that compete with other forms of transportation, we make air travel accessible to more people.

Investment highlights

Among the lowest-cost airlines in the world

Demographics and bus-to-air substitution strategy fuel long term growth

Ancillary revenue focus and point-to-point network support market leadership and demand stimulation

Single fleet and productive labor force provide a unique toolset to capitalize on current and secular growth opportunities

VFR resilience allowed Volaris to fill the void left by competitors and recover rapidly during COVID-19

Reliable operations, controlled costs and solid balance sheet

Our growth opportunities

  • Consolidate domestic market leadership by adding frequencies to existing destinations and connecting secondary cities currently served only by bus

  • Continue US expansion focused on VFR passengers

  • Replicate in Central America our successful business model implemented in Mexico

  • Expand in northern South America, leveraging on our Air Operator Certificates (AOCs) in Costa Rica and El Salvador

Bus switching

  • Flying accessible for everyone. Our base fares are priced competitively against bus fares on similar routes, aiming to stimulate demand for air services among passengers who travel long distances by bus.
  • Approximately 46% of Volaris’ routes compete only against buses.
Mexico's emerging market is in its early stages in terms of air travel and Volaris is uniquely positioned to capture further growth