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Privacy notice

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy and use conditions establishes the rules that will guide the Controladora Vuela Compania de Aviacion, S.A.B. de C.V. (Volaris) and its websites and pages (“portal”) users behavior, regarding the access, resources utilization and treatment of the available information in the website or provided by users.

The website access or the use of its resources, confirms the acceptance of the terms of this policy.

This warning by Volaris is meant to inform the users (herein named “User” or “Users”) of its Personal Data Protection Policy (herein named “Personal Data”). This is done so that the Users can freely and voluntarily decide if they wish to provide Volaris with their Personal Data, which is required at the moment of acquiring or canceling certain services offered by Volaris. It is Volaris’ right to modify the present policy, to adapt it to legal or jurisprudent alterations, or to those relative to commercial practices.

Some services at Volaris can contain particular and specific conditions regarding Personal Data protection.

The Personal Data provided to Volaris will receive automated treatment and will be incorporated to the corresponding electronic record of personal data (herein named “Record”), for which Volaris will be entitled and responsible. Volaris shall provide the User with adequate technical resource for them to be able to agree in advance with this Personal Data Protection Policy or with any other relevant information before giving their consent to the recording and to the storing of his/her Personal Data. Except in fields where stated otherwise, the answers for questions on Personal Data are voluntary. The absence of information, when filling out the field of the personal information form, does not decrease in quality or quantity Volaris’ corresponding services, unless otherwise indicated.

The User assures that the Personal Data provided to Volaris are true, and that he/she will notify Volaris of any changes in their records.

The Record and the electronic usage of Personal Data by Volaris have the purpose of establishing an agreement or, if it is the case, of managing, administrating, rendering, increasing and/or improving Customer Services. The Personal Data is also used to adjust Volaris’ services to the User’s preferences and needs, creating new services connected to these ones, updating services and sending, by traditional or electronic ways, technical, operating and commercial information related to products and services offered in the website (or through it) and by third parties, which currently exists or that will be created in the future. The purpose of the Record and of the Personal Data electronic treatment also included the sending of research forms, which the User has no obligation to answer.

For the correct observance of the Mexican legislation, Volaris compromises to promptly correct any changes relative to the User Personal Data. To that end, User must notify Volaris of any changes in his/her respective data.

Volaris has adopted all legal levels required for the security in data protection and tries to install every additional means and measures to avoid loss, misuse, changes, unauthorized access or improper deleting of recorded Personal Data. Specifically, Volaris utilizes the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security system, which through certification systems, allows for the authenticity certification in each of Volaris’ website pages from the location where the information was provided, as well as assures the integrity and confidentiality of the Personal Data during their transmission. Despite this, Users must be aware that security measures related to Internet are not entirely infallible nor unfailing.

Volaris can make use of “cookies” when the User accesses to the pages and websites in its Portal. The “cookies” that can be utilized in the websites and pages are only associated to the browser of a determined computer, providing no references which could allow the deduction of first and last names from the User. The “cookies” make it possible for Volaris to recognize the Users that have registered in previous visits to the pages, which allows them to avoid registering again when reentering the website. It is possible for the User to set its browser to be warned, in the screen, about the reception of “cookies” and to prevent their installation in the hard drive.

Information pertaining to this configuration is available in instructions and manuals of the browser. To make use of the Portal, it is not necessary for the User to allow the reception of “cookies” sent by Volaris. In the case that the users not accept cookies, the User will have to register him or herself at every new access to a service that requires previous registration. The “cookies” that are utilized in the website and web pages can be installed by Volaris. These “cookies” are originated from the reliable servers operated by the Company or by third-party service suppliers that render services and install “cookies” in Volaris’ name. Whenever the option that prevents “cookies” installation is not active, the User will be able to search in the hard drive following instructions provided by the browsers.

We recommend the temporary checking of this policy, which is subject to eventual alterations.